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If you need a piano tuned, this is the man for the job.  A professional musician for decades, thepianotunerguy knows how important a well-tuned instrument is.  Give him a call today.  Check out his website for details!

Can’t quite reach your back or you just don’t like the feel of lotions, oils, gels, creams, and astringents on your hands. Try our Sun Mate SKINCARE lotion applicator! Sun Mate has a unique patented design that easily applies all types of skin care products to hard to reach areas and keeps your hands clean! Sun Mates are a must have for Beachgoers, Tanning, Medical and Acne control! A life saver for people with limited range of motion and a fun way to get kids to apply suncare! Click now to learn more about this exciting skin care lotion applicator.

Encore Rehabilitation, Inc., headquartered in Decatur, AL, is one of the nation's premier rehabilitation, fitness, and sports enhancement companies.  Encore's progressive healthcare approach in wellness and rehab settings has positioned them as an industry leader.

Red Bay Sand provides the Florida panhandle and the entire Southeast United States with premier golf course sand and materials.  Our specialty is True Grit (dried sand) and green divot sand.  We also carry gravel, specialty sand (sand blasting sand, concrete sand and industrial sand), as well as fill dirt.

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